What Does Your Homeowners Policy Cover?

Your home Insurance has 4 parts.

  • Coverage A – or dwelling coverage that is your house and everything permanently attached to it such as an attached porch, attached deck, sometimes it can even be a fence that is secured to the house.
  • Coverage B – is your other structure coverage that covers anything not attached to the home, such as shed, detached garage a swimming pool or a fence.
  • Coverage C – is your personal property that includes your personal items from silverware and dishes to socks and underwear for all members of the home.
  • Coverage D – is loss of use. This would provide you coverage in the event you have a covered loss on your home and it isn’t livable until damages are repaired. This coverage provides you money for anything over and above your everyday expenses. For example, if your mortgage payment is $1,000 and now you can’t live in your home due to the loss you sustained, you would still make your mortgage payment and the insurance company would pay for you to stay elsewhere until your home is again livable.

There is also another part to home insurance that includes Medical payments and Liability. These are very important coverages meant to protect you should you be involved in a lawsuit related to an insurance claim. If someone is injured on your property they can sue you!!!! Your medical payments would pay first and then if necessary your liability would pay second. Here is a very interesting fact about your liability – did you know with the proper coverage on your policy your liability could follow you no matter where you go. For example, lets say you take your child to the park and he throws a ball and hits a lady in the back of the head and she says she can’t work another day in her life your homeowner’s liability would pay!!!