Combating High Insurance Rates for First Time Drivers

Having a child turn 16 and start driving is a major milestone, filled with both joy and anxiety. It’s a newfound freedom for parent and child, but can leave parents with many worries – one of which may be the high cost of insurance for their teen driver. New drivers can have ridiculously high rates, but here are a few ways to combat the high prices.

  1. Take advantage of the good grades discount, usually a B/3.0 average or higher
  2. Have your teen complete drivers education classes or defensive driving classes
  3. Check for discounts regarding your child being over 100 miles away at school with no car
  4. When car shopping for your teen keep in mind that the type of vehicle can significantly impact the insurance rate. Generally speaking, the smaller the engine the lower the rate (avoid sports cars)

Not every discount applies to every person but hopefully this info will help spark a smarter conversation between you and your agent.