Avoiding Tragedy

We hear it on the news daily and see the horrifying headlines. “Accident claims the lives of mother and her two children by a hit and run driver”, ” Man dies after being ejected from car window”. Remember that Insurance is the transfer of risk. So keep this in mind when choosing coverage’s to make sure you and your assets are protected properly.

Most people don’t realize how low the cost increase is for some coverages. Liability can be almost doubled for dollars! It’s very important to make sure assets like your home and business are protected. If you have assets and carry state minimum to save a couple of dollars today, keep in mind what is at stake. Not to mention insurance companies look at the amount of coverage you carry to qualify you for a better rate!

Weigh your options, ask questions, and check around for comparisons. Nothing is more devastating then to find out you are not covered properly, or at all, when tragedy strikes.